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Sunday, February 23, 2014 § 0

Wow. It's been 15 months since I last updated this blog. The Boyfriend has been constantly bugging me to start writing about food again, but I just haven't been feeling inspired lately. It's not that I haven't eaten food worth blogging. Heck, Boyfriend and I have been eating around the metro like crazy, hence my weight gain. I don't know. This isn't really a "feelings" blog so I don't wanna get into it. 

But here I am. Blogging. And I am struggling because I don't know where and how to start. I thought of writing about our latest fine dining date (which was last Valentine's Day), but then it hit me. Favorites. Places we keep going back to, and food that made a real impact on our taste buds. So here goes. (Pardon the pictures, they're all from Instagram.)

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Celebrating 5 Years at Impressions

Sunday, November 18, 2012 § 0

Boyfriend and I recently celebrated our 5th year anniversary at Maxim's with their Sunday brunch. It was such a memorable meal and I thought it'd be the perfect entry to come back from my 5-month hiatus with.

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Yabu House of Katsu: Tonkatsu Like No Other

Friday, June 15, 2012 § 1

Boyfriend and I rarely go to Megamall, and when we do, it's usually because we need to do something that can't be done elsewhere. With all the great things I've heard (and read) about Yabu, we were excited to try it out. And goodness, the trip was so worth it.

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All Things Turkish at Chef Dogan's

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 § 0

Boyfriend and I have had a lot of delicious and enjoyable meals at Chef Dogan Turkish Grill and Restaurant. But of course, when we went there so I can finally blog about it, they decided to give us crappy service. All the menu items I was craving for weren't available. No kusbasi, no moutabal, no hummus. And best of all, they made us wait 40 minutes for our food. In the end, it didn't matter how good the food was because the bad service already ruined the experience for us.

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Mango Tree and The Cake Club: The Pleasures of Finding Something New

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 § 2

The new Bonifacio High Street Central in the Fort has been creating a buzz with all their new restaurants, and soon to open boutiques. And given that my workplace is 10 mins away, Boyfriend and I decided to explore and tour our palates. Choosing a restaurant was hard. But because Boyfriend is currently addicted to Pad Thai (still hungover from our Dusit Thani experience), we decided to go to Mango Tree. The interiors, from the high ceilings, fancy artwork, beautifully crafted furniture, to the people dining in suits, are a little intimidating. Fortunately, the servers are very friendly and they make their customers feel at ease and right at home.

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