Mango Tree and The Cake Club: The Pleasures of Finding Something New

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 § 2

The new Bonifacio High Street Central in the Fort has been creating a buzz with all their new restaurants, and soon to open boutiques. And given that my workplace is 10 mins away, Boyfriend and I decided to explore and tour our palates. Choosing a restaurant was hard. But because Boyfriend is currently addicted to Pad Thai (still hungover from our Dusit Thani experience), we decided to go to Mango Tree. The interiors, from the high ceilings, fancy artwork, beautifully crafted furniture, to the people dining in suits, are a little intimidating. Fortunately, the servers are very friendly and they make their customers feel at ease and right at home.

Thai Iced Tea (80) I decided to start off with an order of Thai iced tea. Boyfriend and I loved it! For a small price of 80, you get a relatively big glass of really good milk tea. The drink was a little heavy on the milk but you still get a strong tea flavor. Great balance, great drink. We would've loved this more if it didn't upset our tummies after, but that's mainly our fault. You'll understand why as you read on.

Pad Thai Jay (320) Boyfriend was very excited when the pad thai arrived at our table. The presentation was beautiful. It came with 4 kinds of sauces/seasonings, which you can add to enhance the flavor of your pad thai, but because it's already excellent on its own, they proved to be unnecessary. Mango Tree's pad thai tastes as good as it looks, probably even better. The abundance of ground peanuts add depth to the whole dish and gave it an earthier tone. And if you like shrimps with your pad thai, you can add 70 pesos and get the Pad Thai Goong instead.

Mussaman Nua - Chicken (450) And because no Thai experience is complete without curry, we ordered one with a serving of plain rice. Curry is quite hard to describe because there are too many flavors and spices, so I just usually end up describing it as good or bad. Mango Tree's version of chicken curry is good. Really, really good. It wasn't too spicy and the chicken doesn't require much effort in chewing because of how tender it was. However, we thought the price was a little high for such a small serving.

Le Royale from The Cake Club by Diamond Hotel (250) For dessert, we walked two doors down to The Cake Club. Our tummies were already growling from the Thai iced tea and curry combination, but I can never have a meal without dessert. Boyfriend and I chose the most elegant looking cake on display, the Le Royale. It's a dense chocolate mousse cake with a layer of hazelnut mousse and a crunchy center. I'm not the biggest fan of mousse but the one in Le Royale is so thick that it's almost fudgy. Didn't feel like I was eating mousse at all!

It's always fun discovering new restaurants, because you never know what's waiting for you in the menu. We enjoyed our High Street Central date and can't wait to try out the other restaurants in the area. Mango Tree and The Cake Club are both located at Bonifacio High Street Central.

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  • Enzo Torres says:

    Great entries I must say. Have you heard of Vieux Chalet? It's a swiss resto located in Antipolo. It's perfect for couples; overlooking, great food and ambiance. Plus it's located deep in the forests of Antipolo so you really have an intimate feel to it. Try it out!

  • Thanks Enzo! I've actually read several posts on that resto and I really wanna try it out! Thanks for the recommendation. :)

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