Lusso and the Foie Gras Burger

Tuesday, May 8, 2012 § 0

Many things have been said about Lusso's famous foie gras burger, and for my 23rd birthday, Boyfriend and I decided to give it a try. We were originally planning on dining at the Phoenix Court in Bellevue, but because I was stuck in Greenbelt, we ended up at Lusso where we had the most amazing time.

Truffle Mushroom and Cream Fries (250) Lusso is famous for their truffle potato chips, but we were already starving so we decided to start with something heavier. The fries were fat yet crispy, but the sauce is what really made this appetizer special. Every bite made me gasp with how good it was. They didn't skimp on the truffle to make sure you can taste it in every drop of the cream. It was ridiculously the most luxurious, and best tasting fries we've ever had.

Shepherd's Pie (575) Boyfriend picked the shepherd's pie from Lusso's very simple and straightforward menu. He was excited for me to try it because it was my first time, and I ended up loving it. The braised lamb was tender and still has that distinct meat taste that only lamb has. On top was perfectly seasoned mashed potatoes, that went nicely with the meat. I would definitely recommend this to anyone planning to eat at Lusso.

Lusso Demi-Pound Burger (595) We were beaming when our burger arrived on our table. It was already sliced in half and served in separate plates (as we requested) with a side of fries, and a salad of romaine and watercress with citrus vinaigrette. It was unbelievably good. The US beef patty was cooked medium well, and in the middle lie rich, sinful pieces of foie gras. You can pour the cambozola cheese on your burger, but because the patty itself was so tasty, I decided to just use that as a dip for my fries. Now I can finally agree with the consensus, Lusso's demi-pound burger is the best burger in town, or the country even.

Mocca Sansrival (275) Lusso's dessert menu is very limited, but we were having such an amazing time that we didn't want to transfer to a different restaurant for dessert. We ordered the Mocca Sansrival and were pleased by how big the slice was. It needed more mocha flavor because the milk chocolate base was a little dominant. Fortunately, their generosity on cashews more than makes up for it.

Sakura Green Tea Almost as an afterthought, Boyfriend and I ordered tea to go with our cake. We usually order chamomile or english breakfast but we got curious and decided to go with the Sakura green tea. Surprise, surprise. Cherry blossoms aren't only pretty, but they taste good too! The sakura has sweet tones that eliminate the bitterness that green tea is known for. Needless to say, we ended our meal on a high note.

We loved our Lusso experience. The food was awesome and the servers were friendly. The ambiance during lunch time was very relaxing and was absolutely perfect for our date. And with the lovely interiors of the restaurant, I bet it would make for a romantic spot at night, especially the gorgeous al fresco area. Lusso is located at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5.

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