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Tuesday, May 29, 2012 § 0

Boyfriend and I have had a lot of delicious and enjoyable meals at Chef Dogan Turkish Grill and Restaurant. But of course, when we went there so I can finally blog about it, they decided to give us crappy service. All the menu items I was craving for weren't available. No kusbasi, no moutabal, no hummus. And best of all, they made us wait 40 minutes for our food. In the end, it didn't matter how good the food was because the bad service already ruined the experience for us.

Cheese sticks (100) Because none of the Turkish appetizers were available, we had no choice but to order the cheese sticks. They were ordinary except for the tiny slices of jalapeno that added a nice spicy touch.

Beef Kebab (255) The beef kebab was cooked well and wasn't overly seasoned, making it a perfect pair with the yummy yoghurt-garlic sauce.

Shish Tavuk (255) The grilled chicken had a nice kick from the Mediterranean spices used in the marinade. It was exceptionally tender as well. Boyfriend and I would've enjoyed this meal more if it wasn't for the bad service. I'm guessing the staff are a little more relaxed when the chef isn't around, because during our previous visits, Chef Dogan was always there to oversee his staff.

Yo Ho Hope! Cheesecake (120/slice - 1,050/whole) To salvage our dinner, we walked next-door to a place that will never ever let us down, Banapple. We ordered the very rich Yo Ho Hope! Cheesecake. With its thick chocolate fudge cheesecake, crunchy candied pecans in creamy custard, and chocolate cookie crust, what's not to love? One bite, and I knew our night was saved.

Banapple and Chef Dogan Turkish Grill and Restaurant are both located at Katipunan Extension, Quezon City.

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