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Borough: New York Comfort Food in the Heart of Manila

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 § 2

I've been quite busy eating these past few days that I haven't had much time to write. Not complaining though because this is really what the holidays are about - eating and not giving a care in the world about your weight. Or maybe that's just my excuse.

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From Chinatown to Little Tokyo: Japan (Hana Restaurant)

Monday, December 12, 2011 § 0

After roaming and eating our way through Binondo, we decided to go the insane route and went on another food trip. This time, in the hidden gem of Pasong Tamo, Little Tokyo. The traffic was terrible since we went there during rush hour, and it has started raining as well. But I knew we were in for a treat when I saw there were a lot of Japanese businessmen having dinner in the area. It was a guarantee that the we were about to eat authentic Japanese food.

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From Chinatown to Little Tokyo: China

Friday, December 9, 2011 § 4

Holidays are always a good excuse to roam around the city and binge. Last Taguig Day, Boyfriend and I, together with some friends, headed out to Binondo for some authentic Chinese fare. Traffic was horrible, but the good company and food really made all the hassle worth our time.

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Wagyu Heaven at Melo's

Monday, December 5, 2011 § 0

Meat is not something that my Boyfriend and I shy away from. Whenever we decide to splurge on food, we almost always order steak. There need not be a special occasion, just being together for another day is reason enough for us to go out and celebrate. Besides, as my favorite literature professor once said, love loves to be celebrated.

Melo's is the first restaurant that comes to mind when I hear the word steak. I've read a lot of great reviews about their wagyu and I've been eager to try it for quite some time now. Their food isn't exactly cheap so imagine my delight when I stumbled upon a 50% discount voucher from a popular group buying site (800 for 1,600 worth of food). It was the perfect excuse to finally dine in Melo's.

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