Borough: New York Comfort Food in the Heart of Manila

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 § 2

I've been quite busy eating these past few days that I haven't had much time to write. Not complaining though because this is really what the holidays are about - eating and not giving a care in the world about your weight. Or maybe that's just my excuse.

Almond Joy (200) Boyfriend and I had our pre-Christmas dinner at Borough in Podium. We started our meal with a nice cocktail with a Holiday feel. Almond Joy is a mixture of Malibu, Bailey's, almond liqueur and a piece of preserved cherry. It's a great combination but the irish cream overpowers the Malibu a little.

Cubano Corn (140) This appertizer was highly recommended by one of our friends (think lots of all caps tweets), so our expectations are very high. You have the option to have them served shredded or on the cob. The good news is, it was the best corn we have ever tasted. EVER. The corn was sweet and is perfect with the mix of spices it was rolled in. Generous shavings of parmesan cheese lie beneath the cobs, and it surprisingly goes well with the sweet and spicy flavors of the corn. The bad news, the serving was bitin for us.

Pumpkin Ravioli (250) Ravioli isn't our go to pasta dish because the servings are usually small, but Borough's ravioli was more than enough for us. The filling was just wonderful, smooth with a slight sweetness. The pesto sauce was a bit strong, but goes well with the chunky bits of preserved cranberries and walnuts. Such a great mouthful of flavors.

All Beef Cheeseburger (360) Borough's cheeseburger is a sight to behold. The patty is almost an inch thick, making the burger hard to eat as it should be eaten. It was cooked medium well, making it a little dry, but it was seasoned perfectly. The fries looked so pretty in the little brown bag but that didn't stop us from devouring the whole thing. It would've been better though if the fries were refillable since the burger was quite pricey for its size.

Bread and Butter Pudding (140) I'm a sucker for bread pudding and prior to this meal, my favorite has been the one from EDSA Shangri-la's Heat. But my goodness, Borough's Bread and Butter Pudding is just divine. It was smooth yet chunky, hot yet cold, and topped with the most delicious crumble. It is best to eat the pudding while it's still hot to enjoy the contrast with the vanilla ice cream.

Milk and Cookies (220) Our waiter served the milk and cookies while we were halfway through our pudding so we were seriously very stuffed already. We still got to enjoy a few pieces of the chocolate chip and cranberry oatmeal cookies but we weren't able to finish the whole thing. Boyfriend and I aren't big fans of ginger cookies and Borough's were no exception. Also, the cookies, especially the chocolate chip ones, had a similar flavor profile as the pudding so we don't recommend ordering these two together. As for the milk, we took shot after shot of it because it neutralizes the sweetness a bit.

Our meal at Borough was amazing. A perfect way to kick off the Holidays. So perfect, in fact, that we've been doing nothing but eat after that. But let us not forget to give a shout out to the Man above this Christmas (and New Year) season. After all, we would not be celebrating if not for Him. Borough can be found at Podium in Ortigas.

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