Celebrating 5 Years at Impressions

Sunday, November 18, 2012 § 0

Boyfriend and I recently celebrated our 5th year anniversary at Maxim's with their Sunday brunch. It was such a memorable meal and I thought it'd be the perfect entry to come back from my 5-month hiatus with.

Impressions has the most impressive buffet spread I have ever seen in Manila. They really do give a great first impression! Unlike other hotel buffets, they focus more on quality rather than quantity. There aren't as many options compared to Spiral, Heat or Circles but the what they lack in the number of dishes, they make up for with the high quality of ingredients and perfectly cooked food.

I only have pictures of our plates since I wasn't able to take pictures of any of the spreads, but we ate so much that most of it can be found on our plates anyway. The appetizer section had a wide array of breads, crackers, cheeses, nuts, dried fruits, and charcuterie. But the best part? Avruga caviar and foie gras. That silky smooth duck liver, all you can eat. Heaven.

There was a tiny Japanese section marked by a wooden sushi boat that displays the Japanese fare they serve. You can take a pick from fresh uni, salmon, tuna, and hamachi, or ask the chef to make your own temaki with your ingredients of choice. They also have unagi and tempura that are made to order.

Beside the Japanese section is the pasta station. We ended up ignoring the other sauces when we saw that they have this Foie Gras Ravioli with Truffle Sauce that uses fresh pasta. So sinful, but so, so good.

I gave a little shriek when I saw the meat station. All the meat I could ever want was there, waiting to be cooked to perfection. Boyfriend and I shared everything because we didn't want to get full too soon and we wanted to try so many dishes. We started with the duck breast, lamb and rib-eye. They also have other cuts of Angus beef, pork loin, baby back ribs, chicken and more. We asked for our meats to be cooked medium and all of them came out perfectly.

The duck breast was such a revelation to us both that we ended up getting another one, this time, with scallops (1st photo). I've only had duck leg and peking duck before and they tasted somewhat like chicken, but a duck breast grilled to perfection is just in a whole different level of deliciousness. Okay, enough gushing and on to blogging. Impressions also has a great seafood section that serves prawns, scallops, seabass (pictured above), salmon, oysters and crabs. Right in the middle of the meat and seafood section lies the precious egg station that can cook you omelettes, eggs benedict, scrambled, sunny side or poached eggs.

Impressions' dessert spread is prepared by a group of award winning pastry chefs, so I was hoping to end our meal on a high note. Thankfully, they did not disappoint. Boyfriend and I loved the chocolate tart, which was extremely rich, but surprisingly not too sweet. The strawberry shortcake was also a winner. I found the crepe (not in picture) to be too sweet because of the jam they use, but their homemade gelatos are quite awesome. I liked the salted caramel gelato the most. Their cookies and chocolate truffles are also a great addition the spread.

Our Impressions' Sunday Brunch experience is definitely one for the books, definitely a perfect date place. You won't regret paying 1,888 for a meal like this because you will really get your money's worth. Chef Cyrille Soenen has done an incredible job with this restaurant and it deserves to be the Philippine's 1st restaurant with a Michelin Star. Here's to hoping that elusive star lands on our country soon. 

Impressions is at the 3rd level of Maxim's Hotel, Resorts World Manila. The Sunday brunch buffet is from 11am-3pm.

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