Uncle Cheffy: Not for the Light Eater

Thursday, September 8, 2011 § 0

When Boyfriend and I first had a taste of Uncle Cheffy's panizza, we knew we had to go back for more. And that we did, a couple of times to be honest. Last week, I had a date at Uncle Cheffy in Burgos Circle at The Fort, not with the Boyfriend, but with my dearest girlfriends.

Grilled Prawns and Pomelo Salad (295 reg/49 large) My pescatarian friend ordered a regular sized prawn and pomelo salad with a roasted sesame vinaigrette. The prawns are big and plump and everything else in the salad look fresh. Since she was on a diet and this is all the food she'll be having that night, we let her have it all to herself. Besides, we needed plenty of room for everything else we ordered.

Panizza: 1/2 Cheese, Cheese and Cheese 1/2 East Meets West (495) Diners have the option to choose two flavors for the panizza. The cheese panizza was packed with mozarella, parmesan, cheddar, gruyere, blue cheese and herbs. East Meets West, on the other hand, is topped with local ingredients such as parma ham, salted eggs, kesong puti and mangoes, as well as 3 cheese and sun dried tomatoes. The pizzas were cooked in a brick oven and they were perfectly thin with a slight crisp on the side. The panizza comes with servings of alfalfa sprouts, arugula and a fresh tomato salsa. You're supposed to put these on top of the panizza, roll it up and eat it with your bare hands. Add a pinch of hot sauce and you have the perfect little bite

Surf and Turf Platter (1,750) The picture from the menu shows a bowl with a bunch of meat and fish in it but when our order arrived, a collective gasp was heard from our table. It was served in a huge wooden board with marble potatoes and three sauces (chimichurri, barbecue and tomato salsa). The amount of food was overwhelming. We had roasted chicken, grilled pork and beef ribs, lamb breast, cream dory, tuna belly, garoupa, salmon and a big bowl of white rice. Everything was great! I especially loved the crispy fried salmon and the tender pork ribs that are almost falling off the bones. This platter is good for six people or four very hungry girls.

Uncle Cheffy is a great place for dinner with friends. It can also be a good date place for couples with a huge appetite because the servings are really big. Uncle Cheffy has branches in Eastwood Mall, Burgos Circle, Nuvali and Ali Mall.

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