Food de Sentosa: The Flavors of Singapore

Friday, September 23, 2011 § 0

There aren't a lot of Singaporean restaurants in Manila. So when I heard from a friend that there is a great Singaporean hole-in-the-wall near Boyfriend's house, I insisted that we try it. Apparently, Food de Sentosa is a stone's throw away from my dear Boyfriend's house, yet his Pancake-House-loving-self has never even set foot on the place.

Even before we set foot inside the restaurant, I already knew that I was going to get Hainanese chicken. Boyfriend took a little more time going through the menu, which was more extensive than we expected. The place was simple and the staff was very accommodating. They even served us free servings of Hainanese soup.

Hainanese Chicken Rice (150 small/295 medium) I had my first taste of Hainanese chicken rice from Wee Nam Kee in Ayala Triangle, since I have never actually been to Singapore. It was quite a memorable meal and I promised myself I'd go back for more. However, their food's a little pricey and I'm very glad to have finally found an alternative. Food de Sentosa's Hainanese chicken is tender and has a very subtle flavor from the stock they used. They serve it with 4 sauces, all of which go really well with the chicken. I especially love the oyster sauce mixed with the pounded ginger and chili. The combination gives more depth to taste of the chicken. The rice is also great, the oiliness is just right and the flavor of the chicken stock really comes through. For 150 pesos, I will definitely go back for more.

Lamb Curry (200 small/395 large) One of the servers warned us that their curries are really spicy, but Boyfriend decided to still go ahead with the Lamb Curry and a serving of plain rice. There were 4 big chunks of lamb that I'm guessing were cooked for a long time because they were really tender. The curry had a great mix of freshly ground spices that created a really strong Indian punch. And the server wasn't kidding, it was very, very spicy. We ended up eating this with more rice than we intended to eat to drown out the heat.

It's always great to discover new places, so don't be afraid, lurk around your neighborhood. You never know, there could also be a great restaurant just a few steps away from your own home. Food de Sentosa is located at Aguirre Street, BF Homes, Paranaque (in front of Puregold Jr.).

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