Órale! Taqueria Mexicana: A Love Affair

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 § 1

It was one of those rare times when Boyfriend would pick me up from work and we still have no idea where we're heading. Since my office is in McKinley Hill, we decided to head to the Fort Strip and choose from the array of restaurants there. That's when we stumbled upon the gold mine that is Orale! Taqueria Mexicana.

Carnitas Tacos (175) Orale has a wide range of taco (and burrito) fillings to choose from. They have pork, beef, chicken, shrimp, lengua and veggies and the price depends on what you choose. We decided to go with the carnitas or the pulled pork. We were actually surprised by how small the tacos were but what it lacks in size, it totally makes up for in flavor. Not a single strip of pork was bland and you can tell that it has been roasted for a long time because of how tender it was. The salsa verde was a perfect choice for it, though some may find it to be a bit spicy. You also have the option to choose their salsa inferno or salsa roja, depending on your spicy you want your tacos to be.

Carne Asada Arroz Platillos (285) Boyfriend and I fell in love with the Arroz Platillos. The grilled beef had a great charred flavor and it was perfect with the rice, which we got an extra order of for 45 pesos. You also have the option to choose between black or refried beans. We went with the latter and it didn't disappoint. I would take this mashed refried beans over mashed potatoes any day. The dish also comes with a serving of fresh tomato salsa. We highly recommend this dish, especially to those looking for a heavy and hearty meal.

Medium Cup (160) The night was young and the weather was great so Boyfriend and I decided to go for a little stroll. We took on the relatively peaceful streets of The Fort and walked from Fort Strip to my favorite gelato place, Bar Dolci in Burgos Circle. They have a wide range of gelato flavors so choosing what to order is always a problem. After trying out almost 10 flavors of gelato, we ended up with Pistachio and Ferrero. You can never go wrong with those two.

After dessert, we took the long route back to the Fort Strip. It was tiring but it was one of the most fun dinner dates we've had in a while. The food was great but the company was even better, the best, as a matter of fact. Orale! Taqueria Mexicana only has one branch in the Fort Strip, as well as Bar Dolci in Burgos Circle.

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