Cookbook Kitchen: Of Herbs, Spices and the Scarlet Cake

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 § 0

Cookbook Kitchen is one of those restaurants that we've been meaning to try for a while, mainly because of all the raves I've read and heard about their food. However, their location in Mandaluyong is quite hard to find so we always end up eating somewhere else whenever we're in the area. When I heard that they finally opened up a branch in Eastwood, I immediately dragged Boyfriend there to check it out.

Parmesan Crusted White Fish (320) I already knew what I was going to have for dinner that night, even before the waiter handed us the menu. The Parmesan Crusted White Fish is Cookbook Kitchen's bestseller. Upon tasting it, Boyfriend and I understood why. The dory was baked to perfection and the sauce could not be a better match for it. The combination of parmesan cheese, mayonnaise, herbs, and olive oil created a rich and delectable sauce that can make you forget about the amount of calories that you're taking in. This comes with a serving of plain rice. I would've preferred to have it with a salad (or just eat it by itself) because the fish is so soft and delicate that it sort of gets muddled with rice.

Pork Steak with Honey Mustard Sauce (310) Boyfriend chose this plate of grilled pork steak that also comes with a serving of rice. We thoroughly enjoyed this dish! The pork was very tender and didn't have a lot of fat. It has been rubbed with rosemary and other spices so the meat is already oozing with flavor. Their honey-mustard sauce is a little on the sweet side, but Boyfriend and I think that it compliments the pork really well.

Both entrees were excellent in their own ways. However, I don't recommend ordering these two dishes together. The flavor profile of both the dishes we ordered are a bit similar, perhaps because of the herbs and spices used. Individually, they're a delight to the palate, but together, they can be too overwhelming. This is probably why Boyfriend and I weren't able to finish our food.

Kittin's Scarlet Cake (160 slice/100 petite) We were already quite full after our heavy entrees so we just ordered the petite version of the cake, which is half the normal serving size. This was a decision that we deeply regretted. It was one of the best red velvet cakes we've ever tasted. The cake itself was moist with a great belgian chocolate flavor. The cream cheese frosting has the right amount of sweetness that made me want to eat this dessert all by myself. What really makes this stand out is the addition of cocoa powder, which added some depth to the cake. Perfect way to end the meal.

In some ways, Cookbook Kitchen did live up to the hype. Boyfriend and I would definitely go back here for the pork steak, but next time, we want to have the more authentic Cookbook Kitchen experience in Mandaluyong. The Eastwood branch has a nice casual vibe, but we want the homey atmosphere of their original kitchen.

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