Cafe Mary Grace: More Than Just Great Ensaymadas

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 § 2

Cafe Mary Grace is popular for their Ensaymadas and Cheese Rolls. But beyond those delicious pastries lies a very simple menu that hits all the right spots.

Grilled Kesong Puti (124) This was the perfect way to start our meal. The kesong puti had a very subtle taste and it is grilled to an almost mozarella-like consistency. The olive oil packs a great flavor as well. It had bits of raw garlic, which can be too pungent for people who don't usually eat raw garlic like myself. They were easy to remove so I still enjoyed this. Boyfriend, being himself, feasted on my rejected bits of garlic without any hesitations.

Classic Mary Grace Ensaymada (73) Boyfriend claims that no Mary Grace meal is complete without a serving of their famous ensaymada. I can't really disagree with him because their ensaymada is ridiculously good.

Mary Grace Hot Chocolate (98), Traditional Tsokolate (73) We ordered two kinds of hot chocolate to balance out all the savory dishes we had that night. Unfortunately, I finished my Mary Grace Hot Chocolate even before my pasta reached our table. It was hard to resist finishing off the rich and extra thick milk chocolate goodness of their signature drink. Boyfriend opted for the more bitter taste of their Traditional Tsokolate. He drank this happily throughout the meal.

Fresh Tomato and Herb Pasta (213) After a disappointing couscous experience at Mary Grace, Boyfriend wanted to keep it safe so he ordered this simple pasta dish. The spaghetti was cooked al dente and the sauce went really well with it. The extra virgin olive oil they used had a dry taste that was just perfect for this dish. It also has slices of olives, mushrooms and fresh tomatoes and is topped with a generous amount of quezo de bola.

Spanish Sardines and Olives Pasta (212) I went for a dish that was highly recommended by my friends who are avid Mary Grace diners. It's your basic garlic and olive oil pasta, made more exciting by adding a twist of spanish sardines, slices of olives, tomatoes and mushroom. It had a delicate balance of flavors that can be further enhanced by a few sprinkles of chili powder. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of adding too much parmesan cheese halfway through eating my pasta. It created a mushy texture which ruined the dish for me. I never thought I'd ever say this but too much cheese isn't always good.

It was a happy and filling dinner. We dined at their branch in Greenbelt 2 and the place was beautiful. It has a cozy and homey ambiance that is perfect for romantic dates. The servers are extremely nice too! Cafe Mary Grace also has branches at Alabang Town Center, Rockwell, Serendra, St. Lukes Taguig and Trinoma.

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  • Anonymous says:

    more than just ensaymadas??? more than that definitely! it was more absolute waste of time!!!

    early this week, four "diners" for lunch. ordered four dishes. three were NOT available. why bother opening a restaurant???

    website email address for feedback? forget it. ignored. no care for customers. no care for you!

    waste of a good day!

  • What branch is this? That's really unfortunate! What did the manager say?

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