Chuck's Deli: Home of the Slabwich

Monday, August 22, 2011 § 0

Sandwiches aren't really something that Boyfriend and I pay a lot of money for. But hey, Chuck's Deli doesn't serve sandwiches. They have something way better, the Slabwich.

You have the option to eat your slabwich with either onion rings or potato chips. Since I don't eat onions, I chose the former. The potato chips were thin and crispy and it goes well with the garlic sauce. Boyfriend, on the other hand, chose the onion rings. I had a tiny bite, which is quite a feat given my hate for onions. The batter has a good flavor to it but I ended up spitting the tiny piece of onion that I got. I don't think I'll be attempting anything like this in the near future again.

Chukatsu (255 half/445 whole) We ordered two half slabs and asked for them to be sliced in half so Boyfriend and I can enjoy them equally. Deciding on what to order proved to be a challenge since there were a lot of tasty looking dishes on the menu. We ended up ordering the Chukatsu after seeing the word "bacon" in its description. The chicken katsu was crispy on the outside but tender and moist on the inside. The sauce has the right amount of sweetness that went really well with the chicken and the bacon. We would definitely go back for this!

The Buffy (255 half/445 whole) The Buffy was highly recommended by the waiters. We had high expectations for this slabwich since this was their best seller. They even have a challenge wherein you have to eat a whole slab of The Buffy in 5 minutes to get it free of charge, with a free t-shirt to boot. It was great at first bite, but as I kept eating, I couldn't taste the chicken anymore. There was probably too much sauce in the sandwich, and the bread absorbed most of it. I asked for extra lettuce to drown out the tanginess of the buffalo sauce but it wasn't doing the trick. I ended up not finishing my half.

Avocado Milk Shake (165) The Buffy was a little disappointing, but the meal still ended on a high note because we discovered that Chuck's Deli has one of the best milkshakes in town! The combination of carabao's milk and 3 scoops of Arce Dairy ice cream creates a milk shake too rich for the tiny straw it comes with. Arce Dairy has really good ice cream to begin with, so turning it into a drink is just pure genius. We loved the avocado milk shake and can't wait to go back to try the other flavors.

Chuck's Deli is a little pricey but their unique slabwich concoctions are a definite must-try. Also, the milk shakes are quite divine. Chuck's Deli has branches at Serendra and Eastwood Mall.

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