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Monday, January 16, 2012 § 0

People who have stumbled upon my blog have probably been to Kanin Club at least once in their lives. If not, you should probably start calling your friends and head out to the branch nearest you for your next meal.

Kanin Club gives its diners a refreshing take on classic Filipino dishes that we usually eat at home. They may look different, but all the bold flavors of Filipino cuisine that we love are all there.

Ensaladang Mangga with Salted Egg (172) We started off this salad of mangoes, salted egg, tomatoes, onion and cilantro. It was a great way to start the meal. The mangoes were nice and fresh, balanced with the salty flavor of bagoong or shrimp paste. I usually use this combination as sawsawan for grilled fish, but it works on its own.

Kinilaw na Blue Marlin (271) There are a lot of Filipino restaurants that offer ceviche in their menu but only a few of them get it right. Kanin Club is one of those restaurants. You can taste the complexity of the vinegar they used, and it's perfectly seasoned as well. The lightness of the cucumber is a nice contrast to the acidity of the whole dish. And as a finishing touch, it is topped with bits of chicharon that adds another layer of texture that gives further depth to the ceviche.

Sinangag na Sinigang (224) This fried rice doesn't necessarily go with the rest of our orders but we just couldn't resist. Every spoonful of rice screams sinigang. Mixed with the rice are tiny bits of tomatoes, leeks and labanos. It also comes with okra tempura, crispy kangkong and thin slices of pork belly. We loved the crispy kangkong so much that we actually asked our waiter if we can order it on its own. Unfortunately, it only comes as a side to this particular dish.

Adobong Kangkong (97) Adobong kangkong is one of my favorite vegetable dishes. I loved the presentation but this dish didn't have the bold flavors that are distinct in adobo. Dencio's version is better, in my opinion.

Crispy Dinuguan (261) This was the only meat dish we ordered since we were with my pescatarian friend. Crispy dinuguan is one Kanin Club's bestsellers, and it's obvious why. The flavors are all there! I loved the thick blood stew and all the crispy pork bits, but we should always remember that this version of dinuguan should be eaten in moderation. I took home left overs of this dish once, and when I reheated it the next day, all I saw were pork skin and fat. Definitely not the healthiest one in the menu.

Seafood Kare-kare (298) Another favorite in Kanin Club is their seafood kare-kare. I prefer my kare-kare with oxtail and tripe but for the sake of our friend, this healthier option will do. It had generous servings of seafood and veggies, all of which are cooked nicely. The peanut sauce is a little on the sweet side, perfect with a pinch of bagoong. We had this with an order of plain rice.

Every time I eat at Kanin Club, I am reminded of all the amazing dishes my late grandmother used to cook for us. Even though they look very different, the flavor profiles are the same. If you grew up eating and loving Filipino food like me, this is definitely the place for you. Kanin Club has branches in Ayala Triangle Gardens, UP-Technohub, Westgate Mall and Nuvali (Kanin Get It).

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