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Thursday, November 24, 2011 § 0

A few weeks ago, my girl friends and I indulged in a luxurious dinner at Felix. In was just your ordinary fine dining restaurant, packed with expats, businessmen, yuppies and dressed up ladies, such as ourselves. The menu didn't excite me too much since most of the food on the menu can be found in a lot of other restaurants in the city, except for maybe 2 or 3. Don't get me wrong though, all the dishes we ate were good, without a doubt. A little boring, but good.

Fuyubare (165) Pumpkin, carrot, and chestnut soup. A little too sweet and creamy, but the chestnuts are a nice touch.

Clare (165) This five-mushroom soup has very complex, deep, and earthy flavors. I liked it more than the pumpkin soup.

Arata (420) This salad that we ordered is one of their best-sellers. All the fresh greens and tropical fruits are fresh and bright. Plus the tempura-friend prawns and scallops are cooked perfectly. It is tossed in a sesame dressing that gives the salad a nice punch of acidity.

Salmon Carpaccio (300) Possibly the most boring dish we ordered. The salmon was fresh and delicious but there really isn't anything earth-shattering about this.

Gen San (325) Everyone on our table loved this tuna dish. It was cleverly served in individual spoons, meant for one big bite for an explosion of flavor. The wasabi mayo gave it a nice kick, and the crispy bits made the texture more interesting. A really nice appetizer to start a meal (although with the amount of appetizers we ordered, we were already quite full even before the entrees arrived).

The Carpenters (750) The scallops and prawns fricassee was a little bland. It was a good thing the prawns and scallops were cooked well because those two main components really saved this dish. I usually love white gravy, but this one was unfortunately a let down.

LC (900) The lamb chops were cooked a perfect medium. The meat was tender, and the Port wine sauce, perfectly seasoned.

Tango (1000+) First of all, please forgive me for not taking notes and relying on the fact that I can find every restaurant's menu online. Felix does have a menu online, but weirdly enough, this wasn't in it. This duo of Chilean sea bass and Canadian scallops with foie gras, mashed potatoes and asparagus, is truly luxury on a plate. They didn't do much to the ingredients, probably to showcase the amazing qualities of each component. The sea bass was just okay, but the scallops and foie gras were incredible. Again, this is mostly because of the fresh and high quality ingredients that they use in Felix, not necessarily because of new flavors that they infused with them.

I am aware that Felix has a pretty solid fan base, especially those who are frequently in Greenbelt, but I was left wanting more - not in quantity, as you can probably tell by the amount of food that we ordered, but in terms of unique flavors. Felix can be found at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5.

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