Celebrating 4 Years at T-House Tagaytay

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Our stay at T-House is the cherry on top of our 4th year anniversary cake. There's so much to rave about our experience there, but of course, I am here to talk about the food.

Fillet of Fish a la Creme Saffron (370) I initially wanted to order the roast rack of ribs, unfortunately, it was unavailable that night. I ended up with this grilled cream dory with dill dressing and saffron cream. The fish fillet was a little thin but it was cooked perfectly, and the flavor of the saffron really shines through. However, I had no idea that this dish was served on a bed of onions and bell peppers, both of which I don't eat. Though the shiitake mushrooms made up for those, and besides, Boyfriend willingly ate all the onions and peppers so no complaints there.

Salmon Meuniere with Wasabi Mash (450) We tried going the healthy route that night, that's why Boyfriend decided to go with the salmon. The salmon fillet was huge and tasty, without the nasty fishy taste you get from salmon that's not seasoned and cooked well. It is wrapped in a delicious strip of nori, and topped with horseradish sauce. Everything was so good and the balance of flavors is just perfect. I wasn't a big fan of the wasabi mashed potatoes, because even though I'm half Japanese, I do not like wasabi at all. Boyfriend, on the other hand, absolutely loved the potatoes. He said that the wasabi flavor was very subtle, and that the potatoes had a lovely texture and consistency.

Escapade (140) We also wanted to try their signature drinks, but most of the fruits weren't in season. The Escapade was one of the few drinks available that night. It's a combination of pineapple, mango, and fresh mint. It was surprisingly ordinary, not so different from what you can get from Frutas or Fruit Magic since you can barely taste the mint.

Breakfast in T-House is wonderful. You have the option to have your breakfast delivered in your room, but we chose to enjoy that beautiful Tagaytay morning by dining in the restaurant. We chose a table by the sliding door because we wanted to feel the cold morning breeze and bask in the sunlight. While waiting for our orders, the waiters served us brewed coffee and told us that we can have as much bread as we want from their spread. That morning, they had regular pandesal, brown pandesal and cinnamon croissants. We loved the brown pandesal with their homemade pineapple jam and herbed butter. The pineapple jam was so good, I wanted to take home a jar and eat it everyday.

Classic American Breakfast (350) Boyfriend opted for the bacon and french toast combination. Their bacon is very lean and crispy, exactly how we like it. And the french toast. Oh that precious, precious french toast, was the best we've ever had. The slice of bread was thick but it is incredibly soft, and it almost melts in your mouth. It had subtle hints of cinnamon and maple, and it was amazing. We would drive all the way to Tagaytay all over again just for this french toast.

Early Sunrise (350) With the way I described my Boyfriend's french toast, you would think I regret having ordered something else. I actually didn't. The sausage, which was more like longganisa, was equally tasty. Also, the hash browns it came with are also something to rave about. They managed to present very crispy hash browns without the oil and grease it usually comes with. Clearly, Boyfriend and I enjoyed breakfast at T-House.

T-House Tagaytay is indeed a great place for celebrations. They offer a nice and relaxing place to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Plus, they have great food and you don't even have to leave your room to get it. The food in T-House may not be perfect, but our overall experience there was. T-House is in Calamba Road, Tagaytay.

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