Celebrating 4 Years at Pamana Restaurant

Friday, November 4, 2011 § 3

Just a few hours after lunch in Buon Giorno, Boyfriend and I got back on the road and drove to Pamana for some Filipino-style merienda.

The interiors give the restaurant a rustic feel, and the whole dining area was very homey. There are also several portraits that tell the story of Chef Happy Ongpauco's heritage, since she came from one of the most prominent culinary families in the country. Because Christmas is just around the corner, afternoon weather in Tagaytay is perfect for al fresco dining. The last picture shows our table, the view of the Taal Lake is blocked by trees but they have more tables in the 3rd floor which has a nicer view of the lake.

Tsokolate Ah De Batirol at Tostadong Ensaymada (180) The last time Boyfriend and I had a date in Tagaytay, I remember drinking the thickest hot chocolate ever at Pamana. Neither of us can remember what it was, so we ordered this in the hopes of getting the same drink. It wasn't. We did learn something from the experience. Tsokolate 'eh' is rich and bursting with so much chocolate goodness, while tsokolate 'ah' is its more diluted brother. Never knew there was a difference between the two before.

The experience of mixing our drink in the tsokolatera with the batirol was quite enjoyable, more enjoyable than the drink itself to be honest. Boyfriend, on the other hand, said he likes it and had more than two cups. I did appreciate the fact that our hot chocolate remained hot inside the tsokolatera throughout our merienda. The ensaymada was a little dry but the bits of toasted cheese on top were really nice.

Puto Bumbong (100) One bite from the puto bumbong made me wish that it was Christmas already, just so I can have one whenever I want to. It was slathered with toasted and grated quezo de bola on top, and the most amazing heated coco jam on the side. Really a delight to the palate.

Boyfriend and I wanted to order their adobo 3-ways too, but we had to remind ourselves that we're only there for merienda. Oh food, why must you be so tempting?

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