The Obligatory Pancake House Post

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 § 0

Over the years, Boyfriend and I have dined in a variety of restaurants. We've been to infamous hole-in-the-walls, overrated and sometimes underwhelming fancy restaurants, creations by celebrated Filipino chefs and many more. But somehow, it seems to me that he will always go back to his first love, Pancake House. And because of that, I decided to write this.

Blueberry Pancakes (147/2 pcs. and 173/3 pcs) For this particular meal, Boyfriend decided to go with his favorite Blueberry Pancakes. This is one of the two dishes that he always craves for. The other one is Pancake House's Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (surprise!). He finishes this off with the enthusiasm of a little boy. Needless to say, he was very happy with it.

Cheese Pancakes (131/2 pcs. and 152/2 pcs.)
Initially, I ordered a cheese waffle. However, the waitress from the Katipunan branch got my order wrong and served me two pieces of Cheese Pancakes instead. I asked for it to be replaced by my original order, but she said that won't be possible. I was already in a bad mood when the waitress left, but after a few bites from my pancakes, I can feel my perky self slowly coming back to life. This pancake's greatest quality lies in it's simplicity. It's a light and fluffy pancake oozing with cheddar cheese in the middle. Quite perfect, really.

Maple Chicken and Crispy Waffle (348) We were a little curious with this relatively new addition to their menu, and it seemed hard not to give it a try. The deep fried chicken was covered with rich maple sauce with slices of white onions was really good. The skin was crispy and the insides are cooked properly. The maple sauce was sweet but not too much, and by the looks of it, the onions were caramelized well. I didn't dare touch those because I have an aversion with onions and anything that tastes like it. It was a good dish to pair with their signature crispy waffle, which acts as a substitute to the Southern tradition of chicken and biscuits. The salad was ordinary, except for the potato croutons. Boyfriend and I thought this dish was a little overpriced, but it's good to try at least once. This can be shared by two people.

It was a hearty meal, and by the end of it, Boyfriend was full and giddy. Pancake House is a place of comfort for him, and I appreciate that. It's a foolproof way of making him happy. As for couples out there, make sure you know that one little fact about your partner. It would always come in handy when they need to be cheered up. Know their favorite restaurant, what they love to order, and surprise them with that. Always let them know you care.

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