L'Entrecôte: French comfort food in Manila

Friday, July 1, 2011 § 0

Comfort food can mean a lot of things to Filipinos. More often than not, it is associated with home cooked meals from our moms. Americans have hamburgers, the English have fish and chips, and the French, as I found out recently, have steak and fries.

L'Entrecote embodies that. They have a very limited menu (steak and frites, lobster and a cheese platter), which is a good sign for me because it means that they have mastered cooking their steak. Boyfriend and I ordered the Menu Geneva (1,190). This menu includes a starter bread, salad, steak and frites, dessert and a glass of wine.

You have the option to pick out your own wine but since we're both a little clueless when it comes to that topic, we decided to go with the house wine which is selected by the chef himself. The salad of fresh greens and cherry tomatoes is a great starter and the walnuts give it a nice touch.

Sirloin steak with L'Entrecote's special, secret herb butter sauce. Boyfriend and I usually order our steak medium well, but since they serve their steak on a hot plate, we asked for medium. The meat was cooked really well and it was already sliced when it was served. It was tender and there's not a lot of fat in it, which we loved. The herb butter sauce was really tasty as well. It wasn't overwhelming so you can still taste the richness of the meat. Since we are two people on a date, they served our steaks on a single serving plate.

The other main component of the meal was the frites (just another fancy way of saying fries). L'Entrecote's fries are sliced thinly and are served right off the fryer so they're still hot and crispy. Boyfriend and I devoured on this as if we were eating rice. You can ask for unlimited servings of fries to go with their huge chunk of steak.

Raspberry and Walnut Iced Vacherin Cake. I had high expectations for dessert after the spectacular meal we just had and this was a little bit of a let down. The raspberry mousse was too sour for my taste. We did like the the iced walnut cake and the slices of roasted almonds with the whipped cream though, but together, it just doesn't work.

It was a great night for steak and even after the disappointing dessert, we still came out happy. L'Entrecote is a nice and romantic place to have a date in. However, the tables are a little cramped and that makes it a little uncomfortable to have intimate conversations. But nevertheless, we still had a really good time. L'Entrecote is located at Burgos Circle in The Fort.

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