Johnny Rockets: All-American Comfort Food

Thursday, April 26, 2012 § 0

We celebrated Boyfriend's birthday after his last law school exam as a Junior. He just wanted a simple, relaxed day, spent together, with a nice lunch, dinner and a movie. He was craving for a burger so we went to Eastwood, and fortunately, Johnny Rockets wasn't packed with the usual lunch crowd. Or maybe it was because we were there on a Wednesday, at 3 in the afternoon.

Johnny Rockets has a very fun, funky and comfy atmosphere. We loved the diner setting and the old school jukebox machine, but what we really enjoyed were the miniature jukeboxes placed in some of the tables. You can choose from a variety of Motown classics that include songs that range from Aretha to Marvin Gaye, and even the Jackson 5. I got carried away with my requests that I ended up spending almost twenty bucks on our machine! Oh, and did I mention the food is also pretty awesome?

Vanilla Milk Shake (215) I wanted to try Johnny Rockets' milkshake, mainly because of the attractive serving. It's quite pricey but the stainless can it comes with contains a good half a glass of shake, so this is already good for two. The vanilla milk shake was so thick that it was a struggle to sip it with their tiny straws. Other than the thickness, there really wasn't anything special to it. For me, Chuck's Deli, with their Arce Dairy creations, still has the best milk shakes.

Chili Dog (265) Since I've been craving for chili, I settled for the next best thing that I can find on their menu, a chili dog. And because Johnny Rockets has generous servings of everything, I was not disappointed. The "home-made" chili was bursting with ground beef, and was topped with grated cheddar that melted almost instantly. It was perfect with the hotdog, which was of excellent quality. Their chili dog is usually topped with chopped white onions, but of course, I passed on that. It also comes with an unlimited serving of fries, that Boyfriend and I took advantage of.

St. Louis (395) Boyfriend ordered the St. Louis burger, which was packed with bacon, swiss cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, pickles, and their signature tangy St. Louis sauce. The patty was cooked medium well, and the bacon strips were surprisingly still a bit crispy. It's a huge bite, but definitely a good one. Boyfriend loved his burger but it was so huge, he wasn't able to finish it. It also comes with unlimited fries. Halfway through our meal, I asked for an order of Coke, and we drank it like it was our first time to taste soda. The coldness and acidity of the Coke felt incredible with all the salt we've been eating. It seriously felt like the most refreshing drink ever.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Johnny Rockets experience! The waitresses were very accomodating and we were entertained by their hourly dance numbers. The casual atmosphere of the whole place is perfect for a lazy afternoon lunch with your special someone, or a relaxed and chill dinner with friends. Johnny Rockets has branches in Eastwood, Robinsons Galleria, Alabang Town Center, Burgos Circle, and Tomas Morato.

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