Dusit Thani Crossover Buffet: Tosca and Basix

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 § 0

We were already quite full after indulging on all the Japanese and Thai goodness from Umu and Benjarong, but are not going down without a fight.

We headed to Tosca and were greeted by a wide array of anti-pasti. The colorful plates of roasted zucchini and eggplant, pasta salad, and steak tartare were all quite tempting, but what really caught my attention were the beautiful slivers of prosciutto, sitting conveniently beside of a tray of melons. The slices of melons were not as sweet as I hoped they'd be, but the prosciutto was nicely cured.

Tosca also has a pasta station where you can take a pick from their selection of fresh pasta and sauces. We decided to skip this since we already had Pad Thai, and went to the risotto station instead. The mushroom risotto we ordered was cooked in front of us. It could've used another minute of cooking but the flavors were excellent. The risotto had deep, earthy flavors with tiny slices of portobello. There's also a pizza station where you can choose the toppings that you want in your pizza.

Outside Tosca's doors lie their dessert spread that had all sorts of delicately crafted cakes and mousses. I immediately went for the flourless chocolate cake, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The contrast of the warm cake with the ice cream was a delight! I heard this runs out pretty fast so make sure you get your share before it's too late. When we went back to Tosca at around 2:30, there were only a few desserts left, leaving us cheesecake and creme brulee deprived. Tosca also provides free flowing sparkling wine.

Our clothes were already feeling too tight against our full bellies by the time we got to Basix. We mostly just roamed around and stared at the food knowing we won't be able to eat most of them.

Unfortunately, we were not strong enough to resist the temptation of prime rib. We each had a slice, cooked medium, with mushroom gravy. The meat was very tender and you can really tell it's of excellent quality. We also got our share of roasted rack of lamb with mint jelly. Mine came out medium rare instead of the medium that I asked for but it was still excellent.

The desserts in Basix are all very pretty but nothing was appealing to us anymore because of everything else we've eaten already. We decided on just getting a mango crepe, which turned out to be a bit of a disappointment because the mangoes were a little sour. The chocolate fondue and the halohalo station would've been a better choice. There's also a refreshment bar outside Basix, right below the stairs that leads to Benjarong, that offers lemonade, and different fruit juices in crushed iced.

Dusit Thani's Crossover Buffet offers an experience different from your usual hotel buffet. It's actually perfect for a date because you get to walk around a lot, and the dining experience gives you a lot to talk about with your partner. The crossover buffet is only available for Sunday brunch, from 11am to 3pm. You can call 238-8888 for reservations.

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