Toast Box: Overloading on Chicken and Milo

Friday, February 3, 2012 § 1

Since the year started, Boyfriend and I decided on going for a healthier lifestyle. The gym is now part of our usual routine, and we have lessened our excessive dinner dates considerably. Because of this, I try to make the most out of those days when I actually get to eat "normal" food (I say "I" because Boyfriend still eats a lot when we're not together).

We went to Toast Box expecting to eat an ample amount of chicken. Little did we know, we are gonna get so much more than what we paid for. If the Hainanese soup is any indication of what was yet to come, you'll know you're in for a real treat.

Hainanese Chicken (318/half) Boyfriend and I decided to split an order of half chicken plus extra chicken rice (50). While waiting for our order, he thought it might be bitin for us so he went back to the counter to order some more food. He was about to get a toast set when I saw our chicken coming out. I literally had to pull him back to our table to stop him because that chicken was HUGE. The serving was good for 4 hungry girls, and even my Boyfriend who eats everything in front of him had to give up on trying to finish this one. The chicken by itself is already very tasty, but the thick soy sauce with chili (and pounded ginger for Boyfriend) just takes it to a whole new level of Hainanese goodness. But what makes Toast Box stand out among its competitors is their chicken rice. It is by far, the most flavorful chicken rice we've ever had, and that includes all the chicken rice Boyfriend ate on his recent Singapore trip.

Milo Dinosaur (105) And because no meal is complete without something sweet, we ordered my favorite Milo drink. What makes Toast Box's Milo Dinosaur different from Kopi Roti's Milosaur is the amount of Milo powder on top. And since there's plenty of powder to spare, the drink itself isn't too sweet, exactly how I like it. You can always mix in more powder to achieve the sweetness you prefer. But the best thing for me is licking the powder that accumulates on the outer part of the straw. No dessert needed, just lots and lots of Milo.

Toast Box is a great place for pre-movie dates, especially since their branches are located in malls with nice cinemas. Toast Box has branches in Trinoma and Greenbelt 5.

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