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Tuesday, October 4, 2011 § 0

My friends and I are starting a new habit of hoarding vouchers from groupon sites (CashCash Pinoy, Ensogo, Metrodeal and the likes). It saves us a lot of money, plus we get to eat more. So we sailed to Mr. Kurosawa and ordered far too much food. Mr. Kurosawa offers a fusion of European and Japanese flavors, though the Japanese dishes and flavors are much more apparent than the European influence.

Spicy Tuna Salad (218) Crunchy Hollywood (278) I wasn't able to taste the Spicy Tuna Salad because I'm not a big fan of raw tuna, and there are too many other options that I was more excited to try. I did like the Crunchy Hollywood though. It's your basic kani salad with a fun twist, deep fried shredded crabsticks! The deep fried crabsticks didn't do much to the dish flavor-wise, but the added texture made this ordinary salad a little more exciting.

The Titanic (928) This assorted platter included kani, tuna and salmon sashimi, all were fresh and gone in seconds. There were also 3 kinds of rolls, with unique and quirky names that I also don't remember (not a good habit for a food blogger, I know). But no one can really blame me for that since they were actually quite forgettable. The spicy tuna was ordinary, a little boring even, and the one with scallops on top was a little disappointing. I completely forgot what the 3rd one is, so you probably get the picture.

Iwo Jima (278) My favorite of the night would have to be this pizza. The unique concoction creates a perfect balance of flavors that hit the spot for everyone. The pizza itself was thin and crispy making it the ideal bed for such a great mix of toppings. It had teriyaki chicken, mangoes, tobiko or flying fish roe, leeks, Japanese mayo and lots of cheese. It had the right amount of sweet and salty, no need to add anything else on top.

Tuna Carpaccio (299) One of my friends said that we can order anything we like as long as we get the tuna carpaccio for her. Mr. Kurosawa's carpaccio did not disappoint. The presentation was lovely, the colors were beautiful and the tuna, perfectly seared. It comes with a sauce that tasted more Korean than Japanese, with flavors reminiscent of Kimchi. Everyone in the table enjoyed this dish.

Beef Teppan (358) Japanese Fried Rice (78/cup) I asked for the beef teppan to be cooked medium, but it arrived well done. No complaints though, because the meat was very tender and it wasn't dry at all. However, the beef needed a little more seasoning. It does come with two dipping sauces that pack a great deal of flavor so you can just bathe your beef in all that sauce. It also comes with a serving of stir-fried vegetables. The beef teppan goes really well with the Japanese fried rice.

Our meal had some ups and downs but the "downs" weren't enough to stop me and Boyfriend from coming back a week later. Although, we did buy vouchers in advance so we really didn't have much of a choice. We ordered mostly the same things (Iwo Jima, Beef Teppan and Japanese fried rice) with an addition of a simple ice cream dessert with sliced almonds and pistachios. Mr. Kurosawa may not have the best sushi, but it's a great experience altogether. Mr. Kurosawa has branches in Eastwood Mall and Newport Mall.

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