Classic Confections: An obssession with dessert

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 § 2

There's nothing like a good cake (or three) to end a meal with. Classic Confections is one of our favorite places for dessert in the Greenbelt area. You can choose from their selection of cakes, cookies and biscuits, pair that with a cup of tea and you're all set for a nice after-dinner date. For the record, we ordered these cakes on 3 different visits. :)

Meline's Chocolate Cake (225 small/995 big) This is their take on the classic chocolate cake. The fudge icing is thick and very chocolatey and the cake itself is moist and has the perfect texture. A light caramel syrup is also drizzled on the side. The richness of the cake may be too much for some, but this is a definite must for hard core chocolate lovers.

Cheesecake Obsession (245 small/1, 495 big) This multi-layered cheesecake is a combination of vanilla, mocha and chocolate cheesecake in a graham crust with chocolate shavings on top. The 3 favorites surprisingly go well together and you can taste the distinct flavor of each layer with every bite. It's not too sweet and goes perfectly with a cup of jasmine tea.

Nono's Chocolate Oblivion (225 small/995 big) Of course, I had to save the best for last. The Nono cake, as Boyfriend and I like to call it, is Classic Confection's own version of heaven. My girlfriends call it the OMG cake because we can't help but moan and say OMG with every bite. It has two distinct layers of chocolate cream, walnut praline bits and cocoa powder on top. This is a must try for everyone who loves dessert, for those who aren't big fans of cake, give this a try and let it blow your mind.

Give Classic Confections a try on your next Greenbelt 5 visit. It's located on the 2nd floor, near John and Yoko, Gelatissimo and Pepper Lunch.

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